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LGBT: Your FAQs answered

4 July 2018

There are a range of LGBT issues and considerations in schools, and teachers may sometimes be ...

Editorial Comment: Money, money, money

The voices are growing louder still – when will the education secretary act to fund education properly and to address the legacy of austerity, asks Deborah Lawson...
SecEd 518: Thursday, July 5

SecEd 518: Thursday, July 5

The final edition of SecEd for this academic year published on Thursday, July 5. The next edition will be our All-Scotland edition on August 30, followed by our first UK-wide edition on Thursday, September 6. For more information, email and to register for our free weekly (during term-time) ebulletin offering best practice, news and commentary, go to

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Guide To: GDPR

27 June 2018

SecEd's latest Guide To focuses on GDPR and aims to help schools self-evaluation and review their ...


What is the biggest barrier to teacher retention in your school?

VOTE Excessive Workload (64%)

VOTE Poor Pupil Behaviour (6%)

VOTE Pressure of Inspection (4%)

VOTE Lack of CPD & Training (0%)

VOTE Poor Leadership & Management (2%)

VOTE Poor Pay & Conditions (23%)

VOTE Retirement (2%)

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